The three categories of horses

No matter what breed of horse you look at it will appeal to you. These animals are very beautiful, and you should be careful when looking at one. The temperament of the horse is a crucial factor in making you decide whether you want to buy it or not? When it comes to different categories of horses, they basically fall into three categories depending on their temperament:

  • Hot blood
  • Cold blood
  • Warm blood

Hot blood horses are bred primarily for riding and racing. Speed ​​and distance is what inspired the origin of these horses. In the Middle East and other warm climate was bred horses for riding. To be more specific Arabian horses were used by the nomadic Bedouin people, who use to use to walk thought the desert, on the background of these cooperative and hard working horses. Hot blood horses have lighter body and thin legs. When they were removed in a relatively warm climate, which, as they have short hair manes and tails, plus a coat thinner. Blood vessels near the skin so they can dissipate heat better.

On the other hand, cold-blooded horses were put to working in
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European farms. The main features that every horse farm should have a strength and endurance. At the same time, these horses must be calm, because you never want to work on the farm and hurt you or themselves. Cold blood horses have thick coats and long hairs on the tail and mane. Due to the need to force the horses had to have big muscles and big joints. The best examples of cold-blood horses are Shire and Clydesdale.

Warm blood horses are a kind of a combination of both hot and cold blood is the blood of horses, and by temperament and build. In fact, in some cases overlap with the hot blood of a cold blood horse breed warm blood breed. They are constructed of hot blood to the stamina and quiet location in cold blood.